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Today I am excited to share with you a speech my soul sister wrote on minimalism. My sister and I feel in love with minimalism a few years back and this is her story. --------------------- Have you ever bought something and then felt buyer’s remorse? Have you ever moved house and felt overwhelmed by how Read More

My Love Letter to Money

    I wrote a love letter to money. It was therapeutic as I really needed to say sorry for treating it badly in the past. If you have had an up and down relationship with money try writing it a love letter and see what comes up. Tell money how much you love and Read More


You know when you don’t feel aligned with what is happening in your life because everything seems to keep going wrong. Nothing is easy and you seem to come up to resistance in everything you do. I feel like we can get into this state with our money really easily. Back when I was in Read More

I am so delighted to share with you all today an inspiring interview with beautiful Amanda from Gorgeous Presence. Amanda works in the busy corporate world as an accountant by day, lectures at uni, runs an amazing website/blog and has other projects in the works. Amanda is not only passionate about inspiring women to be Read More

Make Your Goals Come To Life

Last week I attended a goal rocking workshop with the lovely Sarah Jensen from www.sarahjensen.com.au. Sarah's ‘Rock Your Goals’ workshop was a chance to stop and reflect on what is important to us and to set some inspired goals. It was fun putting our ideas onto paper and making them more tangible. Having dreams, thoughts and aspirations Read More

  Canna Campbell, aka Sugar Mamma on YouTube, inspires thousands to live a simpler, financially free and happier life. Canna runs a financial planning business by day, is mother to gorgeous Rocco, keen investor and finds the time to publish informative videos across the Sugar Mamma TV YouTube channel and Facebook page each week. I Read More

  Today I want to share with you how minimalism has changed my life. It’s all pretty simple stuff but it has shifted the way I view the world around me, my future, my relationships and myself.   The first thing minimalism brought to my life at the beginning was more savings. I stopped buying stuff I Read More

Time to spend

  Having a mindset of never having enough money and saving every last cent can be just as bad as spending too much money. If we are fixated on saving and getting ahead or worrying about our retirement, when do we get to have any fun? I believe we need to have a healthy balance between Read More

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