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A few of my faves


Two really cool dudes from Dayton, Ohio who have got a wealth of advice on life in general, finance, blogging and how to live with less. They make minimalism cool and are great writers. I would definitely recommend reading their books and a few of their essays.


One of my favourite people Scott Pape started a blog called the barefoot investor and also wrote a really great book called ‘Five steps to financial freedom in your 20’s and 30’s. This book started my journey into wealth creation around 5 years ago and I would recommend it to everyone. If you have your savings in check and you want to know more about investing Scott has an investment club called the ‘Blueprint’. I am also part of this club and its great if you want to take your knowledge of investing in shares to the next level.


Rachel MacDonald is one really inspiring chick. She started this blog while working full time in a corporate job and now has built a blogging empire and has written some great ebooks. Check out her ebook ‘Spirited’ she wrote with her friend Tara Bliss its a life guide with some great advice.


Slow your home is a blog written by Brooke McAlary from Sydney. She has some great advice on living the simple life and applying minimalism to your life.


Mr Money Mustache (MMM) is a Canadian engineer turned full time blogger who has some great advice on how to retire early and significantly reduce your outgoing expenses. He has a very honest upfront view on many things in life and practical advice for everyone. If you want to learn how to reduce your expenses and to live within your means this is a great website to read.


Another great blog on how to reduce your expenses and retire extremely early!


Business Chicks is a womens business network run by the amazing Emma Isaacs. Since joining I have had the pleasure of seeing some great inspiring men and women speak on business, life and other issues dear to them such as Rachel Zoe, Bobbi Brown, Jaime Oliver and Megan Hess. I would recommend membership to any women who want to get inspired and meet some really great business chicks.

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