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Stop Feeling Guilty Around Money


I didn’t grow up in a household where there was a lot of money going around. When I got my financial future sorted in my late 20’s I started to feel guilty that I now had money. I now had more freedom, more choices and could live the life I always desired. Why was this underlying guilt hanging around? How could I live this abundant life when so many others don’t?


What I realise now is that I created this reality for myself. I manifested and worked towards a life where money wasn’t going to be an issue, where I could make my dreams come true. Why is it that when we do well and feel good about where we are heading we start to feel bad for it. Dulling down our own successes because we don’t want to shine too brightly. Today I want to celebrate the journey I have been on to get to this point.


I went from living week to week with credit card debt piling up to having a solid emergency fund, living within my means, buying my first property, paying cash for our wedding and honeymoon. Investing in blue chip shares and growing my investment portfolio. Saving and paying cash for a car and all the holidays I have been on in the last five years. I also worked super hard to change the money blueprint I grew up with and the lack mindset I used to have. I read so many personal finance blogs and books. I did the work and now I am reaping the rewards. I now feel super light around money. I know I can manifest anything I need in my life.


So no matter where you are on your financial freedom journey make sure you ditch the guilt. If you are earning and saving more don’t feel guilty. If you have credit card debt and bills to pay don’t feel guilty. Just start little by little to make small changes. Put a goal in place to pay your credit card off. Read blogs about financial freedom. Try and make sure your language around money is vibrating at a high level. Open yourself up to all the abundance and make sure you feel deserving of everything that comes your way. Cause let me tell you, your worth knows no bounds, not in just monetary terms but across every aspect of your life.


Love and Light,



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