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Inspirational Interview – Amanda Coneyworth – Gorgeous Presence


I am so delighted to share with you all today an inspiring interview with beautiful Amanda from Gorgeous Presence. Amanda works in the busy corporate world as an accountant by day, lectures at uni, runs an amazing website/blog and has other projects in the works. Amanda is not only passionate about inspiring women to be more conscious with their finances but also their health. I feel very lucky that Amanda and I crossed paths recently and I love everything that she is doing. So excited to share this interview with you all.


Tell me a bit about who you are, and what are you passionate about?


I am a chartered accountant and part-time university lecturer from Sydney’s southern beaches, where I live with my husband of 18 months. I absolutely love living by the ocean and hearing the waves crash at night – it brings a sense of calm and peace.


My greatest passion is to live a healthy and happy life and to inspire others, especially women, to do the same. I truly believe that women, no matter how “full” their lives may be, should prioritise their own health, as this creates a ripple effect in all areas of their life, including wealth, career and relationships. Until we start prioritising our own health, we can’t bring the right energy into helping others.



You have a beautiful blog Gorgeous Presence where you inspire women to live a healthier and wealthier life. How did you get started on this journey?


I became increasingly interested in my own health when I realised that I had been approaching it from a place of fear. I exercised because I wanted to lose weight. Diets left me hungry and disappointed in myself. In the past, I had been in relationships for the wrong reasons and ended up feeling undervalued and unloved.


I realised that in order to feel healthy and be truly loved by others, I had to fall in love with myself first. I embarked on a new exercise regime, which involved more weights and Bikram Yoga, which completely changed my body shape. I started to explore new food choices that were nutritious, not simply low in calories. I also discovered the concept of “self-love” and what it means to accept myself for who I truly am.


Over time, miracles started to show up in my life. I met some amazing friends, found my life partner, and my career blossomed. After experiencing such significant changes, I wanted to help other women achieve the same so I started to share my journey on Instagram. My partner then suggested that I start a blog and Gorgeous Presence was born in October 2014!


I have to say that the journey since then has been so fulfilling – to be able to inspire other women to improve their lives, no matter where they are located in the world, is the best reward.




What do you think women can do to improve their health and wellbeing while working a stressful corporate job or running a business?


Prioritisation is really the key. Women are especially guilty of putting others ahead of themselves and using the phrase “I don’t have time to [insert eat healthy, exercise, go to bed earlier, meditate, etc].” One of my favourite health professionals, Dr Libby Weaver, says that what if we use the excuse of not having enough time, we are simply admitting that we are not prioritising our own health and happiness.


So the answer is really simple – put your health first in your day, even if it is just for five minutes at a time. Schedule in that gym session into your diary. Spend some time on Sunday preparing meals rather than watching another episode on Netflix. Go to bed earlier rather than scrolling through Facebook!


Finally, meditation really is key to managing stress. Start every morning with a quick meditation and watch how your day unfolds differently. I love to listen to Melissa Ambrosini’s guided meditations as they are short and I don’t get distracted when I am focusing on her voice. I can honestly say that I approach my day differently after my meditation – I feel calm, in control and can make decisions with confidence and clarity.



Who inspires you and why?


Lorna Jane Clarkson is one of my greatest inspirations. I know that she has been criticised in the past, but I admire her combined approach to business and life. Her brand is a reflection of her authentic self and I love the Move Nourish Believe philosophy that she has created around her active wear. I think I have more Lorna Jane in my wardrobe than any other brand, and I was lucky to be a contributor to the Move Nourish Believe blog earlier this year! https://www.movenourishbelieve.com/lifestyle-2/budget-thats-actually-achievable/



Tell me the best piece of financial advice you have ever been given?


When I was 20 years old my father told me that I should invest in property. I had been working full time for three years and managed to pay my university fees upfront. He helped me purchase an apartment in Sydney and I signed the mortgage papers on my 21st birthday!


Ten years later, I am so grateful that he steered me down this path because my husband and I have security and a beautiful place to live in. It has also taught me to save money rather than simply spending my monthly wages on trivial things. I still buy plenty of Lorna Jane clothing and we go on holidays regularly, however I am always mindful of my mortgage repayments and outgoings when I feel the desire to make impulse purchases.



What is one action we can take every day that will improve our financial future?


Keep a budget and understand where your money is going! It sounds boring, but maintaining a spreadsheet to track your monthly receipts and payments really helps to highlight areas where you can reduce spending and save for special occasions.


If Excel scares you, there are plenty of free budgeting Apps to help track your spending. Simply reducing small expenses on a daily basis, such as that second takeaway coffee or lunch, can result in dramatic savings over a period of 6 months!



Wow I am inspired by your story Amanda and how you manage the busy life you lead while still looking after yourself. I am also in awe on how you bought your first property at 21 when most of us were out spending all our money on clothes and shoes. I wish someone gave me that advice 10 years ago. Although it doesn’t matter what age you start working towards a healthier financial future the key is to just get started. I hope you all enjoyed this beauties insights today.



Amanda is on a mission to inspire professional women to be their happiest and healthiest self with practical tips to get organised and take control of their finances. An accountant in the busy corporate world, Amanda knows first-hand the challenges women face to prioritise their wellbeing and she is passionate about changing this mindset.


Amanda writes at Gorgeous Presence where she shares practical advice inspired from her very own health and wellness journey. Amanda wholeheartedly believes that it is possible for everyone to live their best life.


You can connect with Amanda on FacebookInstagramTwitter and Pinterest.


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