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Inspirational Interview – Canna Campbell – Sugar Mamma TV


CannaCampbellCanna Campbell, aka Sugar Mamma on YouTube, inspires thousands to live a simpler, financially free and happier life. Canna runs a financial planning business by day, is mother to gorgeous Rocco, keen investor and finds the time to publish informative videos across the Sugar Mamma TV YouTube channel and Facebook page each week. I have been inspired by Canna’s YouTube channel as we both share a love of minimalism and inspiring others to be financially free. Canna believes financial freedom gives you the choice to do what makes you feel happy. Canna is a very successful entrepreneur and I hope you enjoy this awesome interview from this beautiful mamma!

Tell me a bit about what are you passionate about?

I am passionate about educating people on how to make better decisions around the way that they use their money and inspiring people to create a more financially harmonious life for themselves and their family.


Where did you start your career and how did you end up becoming a financial planner?

I worked part time for a Financial Planner whilst studying at University. As soon as I started, I felt so alive and inspired, I knew that I had found something that made me feel fulfilled.


You have an amazing YouTube channel which has amassed thousands of subscribers with your down to earth financial advice and lifestyle tips. Was it hard getting started and putting your first videos out there?

When I watch my first few videos, compared to my last few, I can see how much I have changed, let my guard down and become more relaxed. It definitely was scary publishing my first few videos and worrying that people would be laughing at me….actually I still worry that people laugh at me, but I press “publish” and try not to think too much about it.


What is the best thing about owning and working in your own business?

The flexible hours and the feeling of satisfaction from being the creator of my own destiny.


What is the hardest part of running your own business?

The flexible hours that flow into challenging parts and times in your week, the responsibility and pressure that rides on your shoulders 24/7 and my struggle sometimes to switch off because of these hard parts.


What advice would you give other startups knowing what you know now?

Jump! Do it, even if it fails, working for yourself on a start up is a valuable, life changing experience and you will look at life and work with a totally different and better perspective. I could never work for someone else again.


Who inspires you?

My girlfriends, my boyfriend, my parents, my son, people walking down the street, people on the news and in the newspaper….everything and everywhere I look, there is something special in everything that we see, we just need to be open minded.


Tell me the best piece of financial advice you have ever been given?

Start as early as possible when it comes to saving and investing….you will never regret it.


Do you think that by applying minimalism to your life it has improved your financial future?

Yes, 100%. I have more efficiency, understanding and focus with managing my finances, which results in a more financial freedom and happiness.



Thanks so much Canna for sharing these insights and advice. It is really important to get started as early as we can on our journey to financial freedom. It’s also nice to know someone who has hundreds of thousands of views still has a little bit of worry when they press publish. I also love the advice around going for it when it comes to starting your own business as you can always get a job if you fail.

You can check out Sugar Mamma TV in the links below for some great financial and life advice:





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