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Lets Talk About Money



Money. The word money can mean abundance for some and scarcity for others. Some hear it and it makes them squirm and think about their credit card debt. Others refuse to talk about it and like to pretend their money problems aren’t there. I believe it’s something that can provide resources and energy into whatever you channel it into. I see it as a means to an end and I feel I will always have enough. I believe we should all feel like we deserve enough. I’m not saying everyone has to be rich but feeling deserving enough that you can provide for yourself and your family is important. How do you feel about the word ‘money’? If you feel like it’s hard to come by and there always isn’t enough then there probably won’t be enough.

I want to challenge you for the next week, each morning, to say the below mantras:

Money is something that I attract in my life and I always have enough.

I am free from worry about money as I know I can always afford to pay my bills.

Something I learnt from the amazing Louise Hay is that every time I get a bill in my inbox or the mail is to ‘be thankful’ for that bill. I practise gratitude every time I receive or pay a bill and I feel blessed that I have the money available to pay it. Instead of getting annoyed when you get that car repair bill, or electricity bill, try blessing it next time and see what happens. Instantly your ill feelings towards having to pay it will disappear or weaken. There is not much you can do about having to pay bills, other than changing your mindset and feelings towards them.

Another great tip which helped me go from financial disaster to financial superstar, is always living within my means. I write about this a lot because I truely believe if you are honest with yourself and spend less than you earn each month, you will get ahead. For the last five years I have had an automatic savings plan set up where my savings get transferred out on pay day. Transferring money into your savings the day you get paid, sets you up for success. Make sure you keep enough money in your everyday account though, to keep you going, so you don’t have to dip into those savings.

I also believe everyone should openly talk about money at least to their loved ones. If you are in a relationship and you and your spouse don’t converse about your financial situation, then I recommend set aside some time to try and sit down and talk it out. The first thing I would be asking your partner is how do they feel about money? What feelings come up when they think about their own financial situation? If they are different to your own then discuss what makes you feel differently about it. Was it the way you were brought up? Who taught you about how to look after you financial future? Are you living above your means? Sitting down and having an honest chat about where you are at and what goals you both want to achieve in the future is so important.

Next thing I would suggest is write down your money goals. Getting your goals out on paper makes them tangible and puts power behind them so that they can come true. You will be surprised how much you will get closer to reaching your goals if you write them down. I recommend setting 3 goals for your financial future:

1. Short term like making lunches instead of buying them for the next month.

2. Medium term which could be to pay down your car loan or credit card debt if you have one in the next 9 months.

3. Longer term which could be save for a house deposit, or save to invest in shares for your future.

Once you have your top 3 goals written down, stick them on your fridge so you are reminded every day of which goals you want to achieve.

So don’t forget:

  • Money comes freely to you and you deserve enough
  • Get rid of your negative feelings towards money and paying bills
  • Live within your means always
  • Talk to your partner about your financial situation
  • Set money goals and write them down

Hope these tips help you get started on your path to financial freedom!


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