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Life Lessons from visiting a health retreat


FullSizeRender-7Hello friends,

I visited the amazing health retreat Gwinganna in the Gold Coast hinterland in March. It was a game changer, partly for the fact that I was reading about living a healthier life but I wasn’t always practising it and it was with around 50 amazing business women. Going on the retreat was an amazing experience and I would recommend it to you if you want some time out or if you want to learn some practical ways to live a healthier life. The main theme of the retreat was pressing pause and really taking a moment in your life to stop and look after yourself. What I loved most about Gwinganna is that you could decide how much or how little you wanted to do. They woke us up at 5:30am for Qi Gong on the mountain each morning which I surprisingly enjoyed and then we would head off for a morning bush walk before a nourishing organic breakfast. The rest of the day was filled with activities like yoga, pilates, boxing and even an African style drumming class with fit balls. The fit ball drumming I have to say was one of my favourite classes. The afternoon was for dreamtime which involved swimming in one of the gorgeous infinity pools, reading a book on the veranda, watching the kangaroos hop by while enjoying the serenity of looking out over the surrounding mountains and visiting the day spa which is one of the largest in Australia.

My top lessons from staying at Gwinganna were:

– Taking a shot of apple cider vinegar before every meal is apparently a good idea minus the taste

– Eating dairy free organic food just makes your body feel better

– Herbal tea at any time of the day is good

– Stop rushing around life is not a race

– To stop over planning my life and make more time for myself

– How to create balance in my life with yoga and meditation

– To be more present in my life with loved ones

– What it feels like to have a digital detox away from my iPhone, Mac and social media. Sometimes we need to switch off from all of our digital devices and give our minds some time to think without all the noise

– How much stress can effect your mind and body and how we should try to eliminate stress in our lives as much as possible

– Reiki and crystals are cool and to keep trying new things

– Oh and last but not least the amazing lessons learnt from the inspiring business chicks I was away with were so uplifting. Many had started their own businesses which had grown to be very successful or worked their way up in the corporate world. The common theme between all of them was that they lead with their authentic selves and make a difference in their chosen field by pushing boundaries and taking risks.


I have tried to incorporate most of the above in my life and have been keeping the zen over the last few months. If you cant get to a health retreat try incorporating a few of these things into your life and I promise you will feel better for it.





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  • Megan July 8, 2015, 6:21 am

    Love it Jodie! I am definitely going to incorporate this tip..
    – To stop over planning my life and make more time for myself
    I am so guilty of this! An eternal planner!! Cheers for the reminder to invite more ease into my life. The retreat sounds amazing. x

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