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Make Your Goals Come To Life


Last week I attended a goal rocking workshop with the lovely Sarah Jensen from www.sarahjensen.com.au. Sarah’s ‘Rock Your Goals’ workshop was a chance to stop and reflect on what is important to us and to set some inspired goals. It was fun putting our ideas onto paper and making them more tangible. Having dreams, thoughts and aspirations on where we want to be is great but writing some goals down towards those dreams will help turn them into more of a reality.


I believe when we write our goals down we are setting a vision for ourselves. I also believe when working towards financial goals, writing them down is as important, as taking action towards achieving them. Getting started with your financial goals is a big part of your journey to financial freedom. If you have some time in the next week sit down and have a think about what financial goals you would like to achieve. You don’t even have to write them down with a pen and paper, another place I put my goals is in the notes section of my phone. I always check in with them every couple of months to see how I am going.


A example of a financial goal could be to pay off your credit card in the next three months, to save up for a car over the next year or to improve your money mindset by working through your limiting beliefs around money. When you are setting financial goals make sure you set a target amount or a feeling you want to feel and the date you want to achieve it by. Being more specific around timing will also get you into gear to start working faster towards achieving your goals. So time get those goals out and start making them happen.


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