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Minimalism and how it has changed my life



Today I want to share with you how minimalism has changed my life. It’s all pretty simple stuff but it has shifted the way I view the world around me, my future, my relationships and myself.


  1. The first thing minimalism brought to my life at the beginning was more savings. I stopped buying stuff I didn’t really need. I started saving more just as a result of realising I had everything I needed already.


  1. I started looking after my health more. Simplifying how you look after yourself and the way you eat leads to a healthy and happier life. I also got back in to the kitchen and took time to enjoy cooking again.



  1. I stopped rushing around. Minimalism helped me slow down. I cherished every moment with friends and family, rather than rushing around to fill my time up.


  1. I started spending more time on my passions such as writing. I started to simplify my schedule so I could make more time for the things I really love doing, rather than always doing what other people expected or wanted me to do.



  1. I now have much less mental clutter. I stopped watching TV as often and started reading more. I now record my favourite TV show and really enjoy watching it rather than come home from work and just watch whatever is on.


If you haven’t heard of “The Minimalists” already Josh and Ryan are the reason I was kickstarted into this lifestyle. They have given me so much inspiration I want to share with my readers some special gifts. I have 3 of their memoirs “Everything That Remains” and 2 double passes to see ‘Minimalism’ the sold out documentary screening on the evening of the 13th July in Sydney to give away.


All you need to do to be in the running is sign up to my mailing list and comment on my Facebook post here and mention if you would like the book or movie tickets. This will be drawn on the 9th of July best of luck!


Love and Light





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