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My Love Letter to Money



I wrote a love letter to money. It was therapeutic as I really needed to say sorry for treating it badly in the past. If you have had an up and down relationship with money try writing it a love letter and see what comes up. Tell money how much you love and respect it and how you want to see it in abundant amounts in your life!


Dear Money,

I’m so glad we are now besties, I know we spent many years disagreeing with each other but I really respect you now for who you are.

After seeing my parents not respect you, and get so much pain from your decision to not show up in their lives enough. I too decided that you were not my friend. I decided at a young age that you were hard to work with, a scarce resource, whom only the lucky ones would be blessed with. I also decided that I didn’t deserve abundant amounts of you in my life and just like I didn’t love you, you definitely didn’t love me back.

At 18 as I became an official adult I went and asked for more of you in my life. I did all the right things including working hard at 2 jobs, studying to expand my mind and also signing up to get more of you through the form of a credit card. I thought I had it made. I even got a loan of you for my first car. The problem was every time you came into my life, you would leave shortly after. For some reason you didn’t want to hang around in our dysfunctional relationship.

You kept breaking up with me and leaving me with nothing. It was hard times. I managed to keep working harder and more of you came into my life. As quickly as you showed up you left, like a summer fling that is over before it really began. I did have lots of fun with you and you seemed to love me sometimes but you would always leave me feeling empty. I would drink too much of your coolaid and have the worst hangover the next day.

When could we become friends again. I was sick of this back and forth relationship up and down. One of my sisters was really friendly with you. She was already one of your besties. I am lucky she showed me who you really are. After reacquainting myself with you I realised you are amazing, loving and full of abundance. You are one of my homies and I always want you to be by my side.

It wasn’t an over night love story with us, it was more like over a few months I completely fell in love with you. I realised if I respect and love you for what you are you will do the same back to me.

Today our relationship still has it’s ups and downs but overall I am so in love and I know you are with me too. You are there to support me, my family, friends and all my dreams. You are there for me to share around with those that are less fortunate. You are there providing my roof over my head, dinner on the table every night and many incredible adventures around the world.

Money you are awesome and I promise to never speak ill of you again. I know we can continue our relationship in this loving way and you will always be there to support me. You will support my business to thrive, many more adventures to come and I will always have enough of you in my life.

I love you Money and I know you love me too.

Let’s always be besties!



This exercise was something I was given to do at a recent event/training I went to called ‘The New Way Live’.

If your interested in knowing more about conscious business and how to create a more energetically aligned life with money and everything else check out http://petakelly.com for epic training. Peta has a refreshing way of turning on the lights of Gen Y.

Light and Love,



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  • jody January 8, 2017, 7:45 pm

    Wonderful letter and what an amazing experience The New Way Live must have been for you… Thanks so much for sharing this with us

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