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  Today I want to share with you how minimalism has changed my life. It’s all pretty simple stuff but it has shifted the way I view the world around me, my future, my relationships and myself.   The first thing minimalism brought to my life at the beginning was more savings. I stopped buying stuff I Read More

Time to spend

  Having a mindset of never having enough money and saving every last cent can be just as bad as spending too much money. If we are fixated on saving and getting ahead or worrying about our retirement, when do we get to have any fun? I believe we need to have a healthy balance between Read More

  Stacey Sullaphen is a radiating bundle of light. I first crossed paths with Stacey at a business chicks wellness weekend at Gwinganna. The long weekend for me was an amazing chance to slow down and connect with like-minded women. When I met Stacey I was so inspired by her path to wellness and how strong Read More

Opportunity Cost

One of my soul sisters asked me the other day, if your apartment burnt down and you lost all your physical belongings tomorrow, what would you really miss? While I would never want my place to burn down, I sat there pondering and trying to think of an answer. All I could come up with is the photographs Read More

  Why do we glorify busyness, rushing around, being exhausted, getting stuff done all the time? Why has it become ok to list off the twenty million things your doing in a week and for it to be normal? Why do we have such a problem with slowing down? I was constantly rushing around living Read More

Why I Write

"Here I am sipping a coconut at one of my favourite Sydney beaches." Photograph taken by the amazing Lauren at Sol+Co   I just signed up a few weeks ago to a writing course with Joshua from ‘The Minimalists'. It has been a great couple of weeks so far. I started the course not knowing what I Read More

  I am so delighted to share this inspirational interview with you all. Caroline is a talented, creative tastemaker who has a passion in helping others create a beautiful home with furniture and homewares. Caroline has had an amazing career so far across publishing and now in online retailing. Caroline has also been a part of the Read More

Lets Talk About Money

  Money. The word money can mean abundance for some and scarcity for others. Some hear it and it makes them squirm and think about their credit card debt. Others refuse to talk about it and like to pretend their money problems aren't there. I believe it's something that can provide resources and energy into whatever Read More

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