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Lets Talk About Money

  Money. The word money can mean abundance for some and scarcity for others. Some hear it and it makes them squirm and think about their credit card debt. Others refuse to talk about it and like to pretend their money problems aren't there. I believe it's something that can provide resources and energy into whatever Read More

Hello Friends, When I was younger I wanted to be a stockbroker, the idea of one day working on Wall St sounded really cool. Then I realised the reality of that dream which involved quite a lot of risk and volatility, which then lead me to embark on a career in commercial finance and become a bean Read More

Sunrises and super

Hello my lovely friends, This post is about making small changes in your life each day that your future self will be forever grateful for. As you wake up each day I'm sure the first thing you think about isn't saving for your future or about how a small amount of savings each day could Read More

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