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Lets Talk About Money

  Money. The word money can mean abundance for some and scarcity for others. Some hear it and it makes them squirm and think about their credit card debt. Others refuse to talk about it and like to pretend their money problems aren't there. I believe it's something that can provide resources and energy into whatever Read More

Richer every day

One thing that will make you truly richer is travel. No amount of physical stuff you can add to your life will make it any better compared to the experience you have when travelling through other cities, towns and countries. Although one thing that won't leave you richer is if you fund your travel through a credit Read More

Living the simple life

One thing I am very excited about is Minimalism. I am of the belief that the less stuff you have in your life and the less you focus your attention on the stuff you accumulate the happier you will be. This is where it leads me to how Minimalism can help you save money as Read More

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