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My Love Letter to Money

    I wrote a love letter to money. It was therapeutic as I really needed to say sorry for treating it badly in the past. If you have had an up and down relationship with money try writing it a love letter and see what comes up. Tell money how much you love and Read More

Time to spend

  Having a mindset of never having enough money and saving every last cent can be just as bad as spending too much money. If we are fixated on saving and getting ahead or worrying about our retirement, when do we get to have any fun? I believe we need to have a healthy balance between Read More

Lets Talk About Money

  Money. The word money can mean abundance for some and scarcity for others. Some hear it and it makes them squirm and think about their credit card debt. Others refuse to talk about it and like to pretend their money problems aren't there. I believe it's something that can provide resources and energy into whatever Read More

Hello friends, With the end of financial year just behind us a lot of businesses are currently focused on planning and delivering another successful year. For most people one of the toughest conversations they can have at work is to ask for a pay rise. Here are my simple tips to help you get your Read More

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