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Opportunity Cost

One of my soul sisters asked me the other day, if your apartment burnt down and you lost all your physical belongings tomorrow, what would you really miss? While I would never want my place to burn down, I sat there pondering and trying to think of an answer. All I could come up with is the photographs Read More

Hello Friends! I thought I would write some tips on how to get closer to owning your own home. This is a hot topic at the moment with Sydney house prices sky rocketing and with no end to the growth in sight. The thing is while people want to live and work close to the CBD Read More

Richer every day

One thing that will make you truly richer is travel. No amount of physical stuff you can add to your life will make it any better compared to the experience you have when travelling through other cities, towns and countries. Although one thing that won't leave you richer is if you fund your travel through a credit Read More

Sunrises and super

Hello my lovely friends, This post is about making small changes in your life each day that your future self will be forever grateful for. As you wake up each day I'm sure the first thing you think about isn't saving for your future or about how a small amount of savings each day could Read More

Living the simple life

One thing I am very excited about is Minimalism. I am of the belief that the less stuff you have in your life and the less you focus your attention on the stuff you accumulate the happier you will be. This is where it leads me to how Minimalism can help you save money as Read More

Hello friends, I thought i would start my first post on something I am very passionate about which is trying to minimise the use of credit in our lives. We all spend our time chasing the next best thing and sometimes that involves using credit to buy stuff that we don't really need. To give Read More

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