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Having a mindset of never having enough money and saving every last cent can be just as bad as spending too much money. If we are fixated on saving and getting ahead or worrying about our retirement, when do we get to have any fun? I believe we need to have a healthy balance between enjoying our life now and saving and investing for our future.

I used to spend money like it was going out of fashion. Thanks to ‘The Minimalists‘ I now ask myself every time I spend money on something, will this add value to my life? And if the answer is that I am not sure, then I probably don’t need it. If I think it is something that will add value to my life I will go ahead and purchase it.

Is there something in your life you are not spending money on because you want to save your money? Or you don’t believe you deserve to spend your money on this? Investing in education, travel and experiences is so important to me. What is important to you? I challenge you to find things that do add value to your life and spend your money on those. It could be a nice dinner out with a friend, a massage or even a new winter coat.

Financial freedom is not about reaching a dollar amount in savings it is about having the freedom to make decisions to live your life on your terms. For me it means having savings set aside for a rainy day, having a few other investments which keep growing, having my super sorted and also having some money to spend on things that light me up in my life.

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