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Hi there lovely,

Are you ready to live an abundant life where you don’t have to worry about what bills are coming in?

Are you ready to pay down that credit card?

Are you ready to take massive action when it comes to your money mindset?

Are you ready to create new positive beliefs around money and let go of all the ones that are holding you back?

Do you want to get clearer on how to grow your dream business?

Ready to up level your self care and self worth?

Then I can help you!

Together we can move you into living a life of alignment and purpose while still paying the bills.

Life is meant to be fun and so is running your own business. I know sometimes running your own business is tough and so is managing your finances. What if there was a better way of doing things?

How would you feel if you had an emergency fund saved, your debt was reducing month on month and you had control over what you spent your money on. You had enough to give freely. You had enough to fund that dream holiday you want to take. You had enough to invest in your dream business and personal development?

Once you create a more harmonious relationship with money you can focus on much more important areas of your business and life.

Contact me to book in a free 30-minute initial consult on jodieleannematthews@outlook.com.


Here are some kind words from some of my past clients

Jae Schaefer – Speaker, Writer, Life Coach

“When I started working with Jodie, I had all these totally unlimited revenue streams – there was literally no limit to how much I could make – and yet every week I was coming up short. I was struggling to pay rent and I had to borrow money which I hated. I craved financial independence but I didn’t know the first thing about managing money.

At the start of our coaching series, we went back and looked at where my beliefs around money had come from and how they were holding me back in my business and life. Where in the past I felt guilty about earning a lot of money, Jodie helped me see that the more I earn, the more I can give and the bigger impact I can have on the world.

After coaching with Jodie I have gone from living week to week to consistent four figure weeks AND some savings in the bank. I feel more equipped to handle the money coming into my life and totally worthy of the abundance I’m receiving.

Because of the work we did, I am literally breaking generational patterns around wealth creation that have plagued my family for generations. I am pioneering a new way of thinking about money that is not only serving me, but will serve my children and their children’s children – and that makes me so happy I could burst.

What I loved about working with Jodie is that it’s not about penny pinching or finding ways to ‘cut back’ on spending, it’s about letting go of any blocks you have around earning money and thinking of new and creative ways to expand your income.

Jodie is one of the most compassionate souls you will ever meet and I always walked away from our sessions feeling heard, understood and empowered. If you want to change your money story and set yourself up for financial abundance, you can’t afford NOT to do this.”


Melissa Leong – Recruitment Consultant and Career Coach

“When I started working with Jodie, I was on a career break living on my savings and the family’s single income. I found myself operating from a place of lack and worry because I’m not contributing financially. As a career woman who has been financially independent, I felt miserable.

Jodie provided a safe space for me to discuss about my financial situation, I felt really supported because money is such a sensitive issue. Jodie helped me to set inspiring goals, shift and refocus my mindset from a place of lack to abundance. I feel more in control of my finances. I learned to face my money fears, letting go of guilt and not allowing money to control me.

Working with Jodie has been uplifting and inspiring, she was there in every step of our time together and I did not realise how much I’ve done and achieved by the end of our series, it was definitely not something I could have done on my own!”

Coaching Options

Money Mindset

1.5 hour session to delve into your money mindset and set some heart centered goals to get you moving towards a more abundant life.

  • Thought provoking questionnaire and feedback
  • 1.5 hours with me to delve into your money mindset
  • Setting you up with the right goals to get you closer to financial freedom


This package is $150 AUD.


Money Makeover 

This is my signature series where we work together over 6 * 1 hour sessions over 3 months to set you up for success with your money mindset and get you creating financial freedom in your life. We work through blocks around both money and self-belief. I want you to own your worth in your business and ensure you are being rewarded for it! I want you to consciously create your dream life and business.

  • Thought provoking questionnaire and feedback
  • Goal setting for a big shift in both your money mindset and self worth
  • 6* 1 hour sessions with me to delve into your money mindset and work through actions each fortnight to reach your goals
  • Email support in between sessions
  • Worksheets and templates to support your actions

This package is $300 AUD per month

$900 AUD for the 3 month series


Send me an email at jodieleannematthews@outlook.com to organise a free 30-minute clarity call.

I also run face to face workshops on Money Mindset so keep an eye out on my website for updates on these in 2018.

If you are interested in hiring me to speak at your event or facilitate a workshop please email me for details of my packages.

Love and Light


Jodie Matthews



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